With recent discussions on a forum with regards to one of Steve’s DJ sets in Brazil (read more here) Steve has issued the following statement on Twitter:

I love the fact that ppl don’t think I am mixing cause I’m not wearing headphones all the time .. I play 160 gigs a year , and have dj’d for 15 years. Just cause someone is doing something different doesn’t mean that its fake .. I think all of u who think so should stop being such haters and come see for yourself .. I play the same records everyday I don’t need to listen to what I do .. Its my party trick and respect that instead of hating on it. If u doubt it come in the booth or try do it yourself before u judge !! Ok .. Nuff said .. SA

For all you ppl out there who wanna know how its done .. Lemme tell u .., dj for 5 hours a day for 10 years. When you have done that .. Start touring , playing 4-6 gigs a week for another 5 years… After that try play on the CDj’s. U see the BPM on the right side of the display , u have a pitch and easy way to count the BPM is by looking on the cd u gonna mix in , if 1 bpm is the dif just adjust the pitch to +0.8 or -0.8 depending on if its slower or faster .. After that 0.8 either way is one BPM. So 1.6 is 2 , 2.4 is 3 , 3.20 is 4 and 4 is 5. Ok .. Learn the trax u play and enjoy.

OMG I can’t believe I care about haters.. But u know what when you work your ass off and ppl accuse you for being fake. U get upset ..

[posted by Angello Online Team]